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Happy Shiny Fitnessis reminiscent of a song from the '90s, ‘Happy and radiant people’. Physical activity is one of the keys to staying happy, science says (and I). For this, we must find the activity that motivates us, challenges us to improve ourselves and sometimes people who inspire us. Here, there is also much more, Happyshinyfitness is much more.

Strength, not giving up, trying again and again, are learned and trained, and I already tell you, from my own experience, that this learnings are going to affect the rest of your life. Being strong and healthy starts on the inside… and sometimes the other way around and fills us with power wherever it finds us.

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Healthy Recipes

I have created a series of E-books with super healthy recipes, easy to make and above all very rich in nutrients. So that you can have fun trying new ingredients and flavors in the healthiest way.

I also leave at your service a Foodie's Book that I have written myself with dietary guidelines for you to learn and identify real, healthy eating that fits your life.

* Please note that for now, these ebooks are only available in Spanish *

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