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Look good, feel better !!! Moving better and even talking to us better, but above all things the goal is always BEING HAPPY.

My training, my career, even my hobbies try to be consistent with my philosophy and values. Fitness is a very fashionable word, but it is just a tool, the one I use the most and the one that has allowed me to be the happiest.

It is not always easy, in my case it all makes sense when they tell me ‘Thank you for helping me to be better’… And then, I can say thanks for letting me be part of that new version of you and for helping me to be more me than ever.







But not everything is happy and smile around here. There is also a lot sacrifice and hard work.

By my side, I spend a lot of time keeping myself up-to-date both in physical training and in managing emotions, so that I can help you to improve every day ...

We work with plans and objectives and above all with the commitment to improve.

  • Certified Professional Trainer by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

  • Certified Trainer in the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EHFA)

  • Expert in Fitness Coaching and Health Coaching (Isabel I de Castilla International University)

  • Official Trainer TRX Suspension Trainning

  • Training in Physical Activity in Pregnancy and Postpartum (Active Pregnancy, Endorsed by ACSM)

  • Technogym educator

  • Especialista entrenamiento para la obesidad y el cáncer

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I have asked my clients to share their comments for a project I was working on. The result was so motivating that I could not stop including them on the web, that is why every day I try to do my best and continue to grow together.

Jor is amazing! In a year that I have been with her I have noticed many changes, not only on a physical level, bur also in terms of discipline. I was always reluctant to go to a gym or exercise and she encouraged me to continue with my routines, gave me tips and was always really interested in helping me to achieve my goals in a healthy way, without crushing myself and following my own rhythm; which helps in acquiring a discipline and that you do not get tired. All the routines have gone according to what I need. She has given me nutrition tips and supplements that have helped me a lot, especially to understand better about protein consume.
She has been my first coach and the truth is that I would not change her, the approach, the method, the tips and the routines of Jor are the best.


When I started with Jor I just knew that I was overwhelmed and I didn't know how to put my life in order I didn't even know what I wanted to do. She has helped me with the diet, the workouts, the routines and to know what I want to do and how to take the step. Jor teaches you that you have most of the solutions inside yourself and teaches you how to find them. It perfectly monitors all your processes and always looks for the way to adapt them to you.
She is also a love as a person and is always there to help you or ask you how everything is going.
I recommend Jor to everyone who wants to change things and doesn't know how to do it, she is always there for you.


The first interview with Jor I mentioned my concern about my weight and low self-esteem. It made me nervous, you don't always find the tailor-made coach. The first training session was different and I began to understand the reason for each exercise and each training session. I began to eat more and better. I basically changed my lifestyle. With constant routine review, motivational words and challenging workouts, before recover my self-esteem she believed in me, so I could too. Jorgelina was an investment in health and quality of life. We are a great team!


I’ve been training with Georgie for few months now and I've absolutely loved each of my training sessions. I started training twice a week with a friend, really enjoyed the variety & challenge she put into the sessions and then took on a personal one-on-one session as well. Not having an active workout schedule in the past, Georgie has been a great personal trainer in supporting my training objectives. She is outcome focused, and I have been able to see continual improvement from my sessions. She truly understands my needs and knows how to motivate me. 101% recommended!


Con buen humor y con cariño Jor hace que doy lo mejor de yo misma. Atenta y siempre con buenos consejos, hace que nunca se pierde la motivación y que los entrenos son siempre un placer aunque entrenamos duro. En unos meses he ganado fuerza y confianza en mí. No dudo que me ayudará a seguir en este camino y a siempre mejorar. Y por eso la veo como una super entrenadora.


Jor is the best trainer I have ever had! She is nice, passionate about what she does and great in motivating me to push myself beyond my limit when we train. Since we started training together I have noticed amazing improvement on my strength, balance, endurance and of course better muscle definition! She also shared amazing nutritional tips which improved my day to day well being keeping my life tasty with fantastic healthy recipes. Jorge you rock!


Empecé a entrenar con Jor en noviembre de 2018 después de poco mas de un año entrenando por mi cuenta y sin conseguir demasiados resultados. Jor me explicó que estaba haciendo mal y cómo podíamos corregirlo. Después de 9 meses de seguir sus pautas de entrenamiento y alimentación, la verdad es que los resultados son evidentes. He reducido contorno de brazo y pierna con la consiguiente pérdida de grasa; he tonificado muchas zonas de mi cuerpo, marcando un poco los músculos y afinando la figura; he aumentado movilidad y flexibilidad. Con Jor he aprendido a ser constante en mi trabajo físico y a seguir trabajando en épocas de menos progreso.


Motivación en estado puro. Entrenamiento divertido, adaptado y con la mejor energía. Con dinámicas así me ha sido súper sencillo cogerle el gusto al deporte y a la vida saludable.


* Although it may not seem like it, these are happy moments !!!

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